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March 2018

March is always the month I look forward to. Maybe because it heralds spring in my mind (though not really to be counted on here in Minnesota), and also because my birthday is in this month. Birthdays are just numbers, of course, but the flip of the calendar offers promise. I've been writing a lot this month and submitting to various publications. On that note, I am thrilled to announce that GlimmerTrain magazine has given me an Honorable Mention for a piece I submitted recently: The Irish Bury Their Dead. I am  planning to attend a workshop at the Rosemount library on March 24. I debated about attending another in St. Paul but decided on this one because of the manuscript critique offered. I think we all need to spif up our writing and get out and network with others. I've also joined two book clubs to enlarge the scope of my reading. Otherwise, I'm stuck in the mystery-thrillers genre and need more literary  works to stimulate my brain. Next month I'll give you a few book titles that I've found enlightening.

Until then ....

February 2018

I am constantly learning, not only from my family, friends, and clients, but  from fellow writers, who so generously share their expertise and talents with me. I'm struck by the goodwill apparent in the writers' group to which I belong, as well as the seminars and workshops I've attended. Not all the arts boast such benevolence. 

If you're wondering about that little photo, it's the cover of my lighthearted mystery, Suzy the Default Detective. It's available on Amazon/Kindle if you'd like to check it out.

A final thought until next month:

We write because we must, I think, because we need to put down on paper all these feelings and emotions and sorrows in order to understand ourselves better. At least for me, it makes my life real to see it in black and white.

January 2018

I have been blessed with a wonderful family, supportive friends, and a community of generous and companionable fellow writers. They enable me to do what I love: write.

In addition to writing, I love to dance. I was a ballet dancer in another life and I still am enthralled by the art. (The small snapshot is the cover of a series of stories I wrote on Smashwords.com  It's called "Prima Ballerina.")

 I am keen on traveling, especially to Europe. I've been to Italy, France (twice), Greece and the islands (twice), Ireland (twice)and London, England. 

I read everything I can get my hands on, including poetry, but I rarely write it. It's just not my forte. For fun and escape, I find mysteries and detective novels irresistible.

Currently, I've just finished a terrific book by Peter Gilboy: The American Pearl. Tension filled, plot twists, great characters. Highly recommended.

That's all for now. As my late husband used to say, Stay Tuned.

March 2018

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M‚Äčarch 2018

March 2018

March has always been a favorite month for me, partly because it' means Spring, and partly because my birthday is in March.

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